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Epenesa O Samoa - Senior Program

Epenesa O Samoa Senior Program started in 1995, founded as a place for seniors to meet, fellowship and receive support all in a warm, friendly and safe environment.

The program is open to all seniors ages 60 and above, and anyone 59 years and under with a permanent disability.

"E sau le fuata ma lona lou."

In every generation there are some outstanding leaders.

Listed below are some of the activities offered throughout the year:

  • Traditional morning devotion

  • Exercises including dancing

  • Games (Bingo)

  • A congregated hot meal

  • Various workshops including senior citizen abuse, domestic violence, nutrition and outside supportive presentations etc.

  • Upegamau – The Culture of Proverbs

  • Activities (handicreafts etc.)

  • Outings & Picnics

  • A senior community day

  • End of year celebration

  • Van transportation service

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