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Family Programs

Strengthening Families Program (SFP)

The Strengthening Families Program is a 14-session, evidence-based parenting skills, children’s social skills, and family life skills training program. Parents and children participate in SFP, both separately and together. SFP is for families who have children in the 5th Grade.

This program is geared to provide effective communications tools for parents and children; and also opens a new avenue of communication within the school, peers, and family members. Your family will also learn how to conduct family meetings(Aiga Fono), breakdown for chores (Feaus), and planning schedules throughout the week.

SCDC provides in-class incentives, Lunch or Dinner every session, and Child Care.

Samoan Parenting Class

This Family program offers a look into the dynamic inter-workings of a traditional Samoan family. Our parenting class is based on the APIPES 8-week parenting curriculum; while recognizing the Samoan culture and the American and how both cultures can impact the lives of our youth and families as a whole. This program will provide our youth and families with some cultural insight and best practices while empowering our parents to do the best they can. Our program also provides space where families can eat dinner together and fellowship before program starts.

This program provides in-class incentives, Dinner, and Child care.

Family Liaison

For families needing extra support, we have a Family Liaison that can help and support you with the following: Birth Certificates, Immigration, Housing, Social Security, General Assistance, etc...

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