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Our Programs

SCDC provides an array of programs to support youth and families of all ages.

Family Programs

Aimed to support and strengthened families. 

Workforce Development

Focuses on providing barrier removal services for youth and young adults. Focus on removing barriers that prevent individuals from gaining meaningful employment i.e. driver's license, GED, High School Diploma. Target population ages 18-24 and are placed at different worksites throughout the city.

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Staff Name 



Strengthening Families Program (SFP) 

The Strengthening Families Program is a 14-session, evidence-based parenting skills, children’s social skills, and family life skills training program. Parents and children participate in SFP, both separately and together. SFP is for families who have children in the 5th Grade.

Samoan Parenting Class 

 Family program offers a look into the dynamic inter-workings of a traditional Samoan family. Our parenting class is based on the APIPES 8-week parenting curriculum; while recognizing the Samoan culture and the American and how both cultures can impact the lives of our youth and families as a whole.

Family Liaison 

 For families needing extra support, we have a Family Liaison that can help and support you with the following:

  • Birth Certificates,

  • Immigration,

  • Housing,

  • Social Security,

  • General Assistance, etc… 

Family Case Manager 

Family Case manager is responsible to work with families that have children 0-12 providing parenting workshops, enhance visitation, family advocacy, team decision making,case management, linkages for school aged- include one on one mentorship children/teens workshop, basic information and referral, and outreach.

Epenesa O Samoa
Senior Program 

Epenesa O Samoa Senior Program started in 1995, founded as a place for seniors to meet, fellowship and receive support all in a warm, friendly and safe environment. This program is open to all seniors ages 60 and above, and anyone 59 years and under with a permanent disability.

Youth Programs

Programs tailored to TK-12th grade youth

Pacific Islander Youth Alliance (PIYA)

PIYA is a year round program tailored for youth aged 5-18. Alongside academic assistance, the program incorporates a cultural core, fostering an understanding of Pacific Islander heritage and the vibrant tapestry of Pasifika cultures through enrichment activities.


Ala Mai

Ala Mai is a mentorship program that will supplement educational services which includes academic support using culturally relevant curriculum for Pacific Islander students to increase academic achievement, promote a growth mindset and a college-going culture.


Tupulaga Talavou Tula’i (3T’s) 
Young generation

3T’s is an intergenerational cultural enrichment program designed to build personal and collective interpersonal strength among PI children and youth residing citywide in San Francisco. Using traditional dances and songs, our goal is to provide our youth with life skills that promote resilience; knowledge of their heritage that will inspire.


Health and Wellness

Aimed to support and strengthened families. 

Samoan Wellness Initiative (SWI) 

The Samoa Wellness Initiative (SWI) is a collaboration under Richmond Area Multi-Services (RAMS) Asian & Pacific Islander Mental Health Collaborative, established in 2012. Comprising mental health providers, advocates, leaders, and community members, SWI aims to support the wellness of Samoans and Pacific Islanders in San Francisco. Together with the Collaborative, their goal is to promote mental health and reduce stigma among Filipinos, Samoans, and South East Asians in San Francisco through culturally appropriate activities across the lifespan in community settings.

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Case Management

One on One support for youth and adults

□ Transforming Our Attitudes (T.O.A. ) 

The TOA program was created and tailored for our Pacific Islander Community. TOA is a 10-week program that started in 2014 for young Pacific Islander men and women who are Transitional Age Youth (TAY) 18-24 years of age. 


ReSET Case Manager

ReSET, with SCDC, provides a work and leadership program for eligible youth aged 18-24, focusing on job training, workshops, and goal setting.

They receive ongoing support, case management, and attend monthly workshops covering job readiness, academics, and life skills (e.g., SAT prep, financial literacy). 

Community Youth Center (CYC) Case Manager

APIVPS, partnered with SCDC, offers case management, support groups, and enrichment activities for at-risk API youth in the San Francisco Unified School District. They aim to reconnect youth with support networks, providing resources and promoting communication within families.

School Violence Interrupter (SVI)

The School Violence Interrupter provides support to students and faculty, coordinating with SOS SVIP in communities and collaborating with other organizations to assist youth. They also relay important information to the SVIP extended team.

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