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Samoan Community Development Center

About Us

Since 1991, the Samoan Community Development Center (SCDC) in San Francisco has been the go-to hub for Samoans and other Pacific Islanders. Originally created to support San Francisco Pacific Islander migrants, for the past 27 years, SCDC has grown into a bustling place that offers a range of services for everyone, from kids to our elder, making waves across the Bay Area.


Our Mission

To providing an inclusive environment in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Samoan and Pacific Islander voices are heard and community 

are served and thriving.

Our Vision

  • Build a viable community of Samoan professionals and scholars through support for students  from K to College.

  • Build community accesses to services and resources and support grassroots survival strategies, and educate others about  Samoan and Pacific Islanders contributions to society.

Programs and Services

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